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Swedish Indie Pack

So Bob will be in the Midweek Madness deal on Steam this week, we call it the Swedish Indie Pack. If you like the colors blue and yellow, blond naked women, meatballs (hehe), auroras or tennis you should check this out. Oh, and if you like games. If you like games you should definitely check this out!

Check it out!

Bob on Gamersgate Summer Sale

Right now you can get 60% off on Bob Came In Pieces over on Gamersgate! Hurry, the deal is almost over!

Bob Came In Pieces – Gamersgate

Bob Won IndieDB’s Unity Competition!

Wow!! Is this great news or what? We at Ludosity are very honored to be the winners of this great competition on the IndieDB homepage.

Click to read more:

Also just want to shout out to our friend Filip Coulianos who was participating in the Ayla team. Filip: Great job and you will do just great at Starbreeze! I know so! 🙂

Friday Is Last Day Of Steam 25% Sale!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is the last day on our 25% off sale on Steam. So if you want to make a bargain, don’t hesitate!

If you are still uncertain if Bob is the way to go, check out this review on Rock Paper Shotgun.


We Still Love YouTube!

Having trouble finding that pesky last part on Level 5?

Check out this excellent walkthough (he found everything except a hidden pathway…):

Inspiration for wacky ship designs:

A speedrun from our producer:

We Love YouTube

I Come In Peace!



Awesome Review of Bob

Bob Came in Pieces – On STEAM this Friday!

Yeah you heard me!
Bob Came in Pieces will arrive on Steam!

The Steam version will support Steam Cloud, Achievements and Leaderboards! So you think you can beat the devs? We’ll see you on the Leaderboards!

Also this will be celebrated with 25% off the first week on Steam and also the other major portals such as Gamer’s Gate, Direct2Drive, Impulse. This will be a great weekend!

We are golden!

Bob Came In Pieces 1.1 has gone gold, and has been sent for publishing to all your favorite game channels! (Yes, including that one 😉 )

The release date is January 22 across all channels including our own site. There will also be a free demo, so check it out!

It has been a crazy ride, and the game has become so much better from day to day the last month it’s unbelievable. We are all very much looking forward to this re-launch, and we think it’s gonna be a good one!

Join our forum to talk about this 🙂

Buy Bob Came in Pieces NOW!

You can now purchase Bob Came in Pieces for PC from our homepage!

It is only 9,89 USD!

Read more on Bob Came in Pieces page or BUY NOW!



System requirements. Sorry for not posting this earlier. We at Ludosity wish you a Merry Christmas! 🙂

Minimum Specification

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 2.4 Ghz or equivalent processor
Memory: 1GB System RAM (2GB recommended with Vista/7)
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Graphics: 128mb video RAM and Shader Model 2.0
Hard Drive: 500mb or more free space
Sound: Windows compatible sound card
Input: Keyboard and mouse

The GPU need to be at-least as powerful as Geforce 6600

And a new trailer is up! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Bob Progress

Hi y’all!

We are currently tightening up the graphics on Level 3 and it is looking great! We are working on getting the game out for Steam, Direct2Drive, Impulse and Gamer’s Gate. Hopefully everyone should be able to enjoy it. We are also looking into releasing  Bob Came in Pieces for Mac too!

Here is a little picture of the first level! 🙂

Bob Came in Pieces - Chapter 1

Bob Came in Pieces - Chapter 1