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Hit, pull and smash the ball into the opponent goal!

How To Play

We highly recommend downloading the game here and playing with game pads.

Right-click to go into full-screen on the web version. Note that web version only has support for one gamepad unfortunately.

Game Pad: Stick+Face Buttons+Shoulder Buttons. Keyboard: WASD + GHBNM and ARROW KEYS + NUMPAD.

Get the ball into the opponent goal by using the different skills of your character, first to 8 wins.

Developers Statement

Smashanoid is a combination of the Smash Bros. series and sports games, based on a concept by Anton.

The game was developed as part of our new rapid prototyping process trying to find new game concepts to develop. Possible additions to this concept could be hero units, upgrades, resources and alternate paths.

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Testing web game comments. Smash that noid!


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