Smashanoid MP

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How To Play

Important: Make sure your firewall allows the browser to communicate.

If you have strict security settings on your network it should still be playable in LAN.

Press T anywhere in-game to view control details.

Get the ball into the opponent goal by using the different skills of your character, first to 5 wins!


Smashanoid is a combination of the Smash Bros. series and sports games, based on a concept by Anton. Smashanoid MP is the network multiplayer edition of this game.

The game was developed as part of our new rapid prototyping process trying to find new game concepts to develop.

Published: July 27, 2012

One Response to “Smashanoid MP”

We’re having some troubles getting people to connect with eachother, especially behind routers. Starting the server from a fully open network will work though.

Also, double check to you’ve let your browser have full rights in the firewall!


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