Shoot Stop Lollipop

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Get the Lollipop by all means necessary!

How To Play

Use arrows to steer and jump.
Z to shoot. X to stop time.
Mute with M

Developers Statement

Joel Nystrom: Originally inspired by something Peter Moleneux said at his keyonote on Nordic Game Jam 2009. No, really. I don’t remember exactly what though, but I think it was something about finding the “Lego of gaming”.
That led me to thinking about letting the player designing their own levels in a sense, or rather letting level design be a part of the game mechanics.
Me and Jesse Venbrux started throwing concepts around, and our first idea was to freeze explosions to build paths. Then Cactus came and said he’d already made that game. So we tweaked it slightly and ended up with what I think is a pretty solid concept. Hope you enjoy it, despite it’s roughness and twitchy controls!

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[…] Shoot Stop Lollipop is a game about time, and explosions. And Lollipops of course. If you’re curious about how/why it was made, don’t miss the Developers Statement! […]

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