Swim through water-filled caverns with as few clicks as possible, or just chill through the levels, eat some flies and experience the life of a frog. Unfortunately this frog is surrounded by trampolines, bombs and spikes.

How To Play

Click with the mouse to steer in that direction. Hold shift and click to use tongue and pick up stuff. Try to use as few clicks as possible for highscore!

Developers Statement

Daniel Remar: With Froggish Swimmer, I wanted to make a game controllable with only the mouse and the left mouse button (in other words, suited for iPhone and Flash), where the levels consisted of odd props and setpieces such as trampolines and bombs.

When I added the tongue however, I needed another button – right-clicking was fine in the Game Maker prototype, but posed problems in Flash where I had to change it to shift+click. I think the number of clicks serving as your highscore (or lowscore) came towards the very end of development, since Flash games usually have some sort of highscore feature. It was chosen over “fastest time” because we were afraid players would click outside the game window too much.