Give Whatever You Want!


Hey Gamer, We have gotten a lot of mails about the deal "Give Whatever You Want". It has come to our attention that the man behind the site has had a troublesome background, which we at Ludosity didn't know about. Ludosity is officially not supporting this site any more since all the trouble that it has caused, not just for us, but for you, the gamers that we love and create games for. We sincerely apologize for any trouble it may have caused you. If you have bought the pack and didn't receive a copy of Bob, please just let us know and we will sort everything out. Thanks, Daniel Kaplan, CEO Ludosity Interactive Seems to be working now :) We are looking to sort the stuff out with the creators of the page, so until we know more please don't use this service. We at Ludosity thought that if we could help charity in any way just like the Humble Indie Bundle did, we would happily support it but we did not have any intentions of making people angry or in any way disappointed. So please, dont use this service until it is working again. If  you want to buy Bob for a small amount, check this out: This is a experiment like Humble Indie Bundle but they will also have deals with other stuff, such as music. Anyhow, this is a test from our side and if you find the deal interesting, give it a shot :)