The Future is Virtual


Hello gamers! I am one of the game designers behind Bob and I want to talk to you about the future. So gather around, turn on some mood music and open a cold drink... First some history: Bob 1.3 was all about bug fixes. The idea was to fix all the bugs reported to us so that everyone finally can enjoy the whole game without getting stuck somewhere. With the bugs fixed the time has finally come to add new content to the game. One of the most frequent requests have been for more levels so this is what we primarily want to address in Bob 1.4. The plan is to add something called "VR-levels". These are basically custom levels separate from the main adventure in a brand new art style. Some of them will allow you to use the parts you've collected in the main adventure while others will give you a predefined set of parts. The predefined feature allows us to create more interesting puzzles as we don't have to worry about what parts the player may have collected through the adventure. In short, this means more levels with more interesting puzzles for you! (You may want to take a celebratory sip from you drink here.) Players have primarily been requesting more advanced puzzles and race levels but we also want to provide you with crazy levels that push the game-mechanics to the limit. There will for instance be a level where you don't have any rockets, forcing you to rethink tractor-beams and one where Bob goes snowboarding... Some screen shots of the levels we are currently working on: [gallery link="file"]