Hey, what's up


Last post was back during the Yuletides, almost 5 months ago! Since then we've mostly been plugging away at Slap City, adding the Adventure Mode. We're also working on another project, helping a studio here in Skövde with bringing one of their games to mobile. Once that project and Adventure Mode is finished we'll focus on getting Slap City onto consoles!

Meanwhile in America, our rep Rep is repping for us during ALL THE SHOWS as our Season 2 of Slap League is in full swing!

We also have some news on Ittle Dew 2 - we finally have the publishing rights back, and will proceed to update the Steam version with all the goodies that came to Switch, chiefly the Dream World expansion with 5 new, tricky dungeons! Stay tuned for more details about this!

Hm, what else? I think the 1 year anniversary of moving in to our new offices is coming up? Or we just missed it maybe. We definitely missed the 10 year anniversary of founding our company though! But I guess it's never too late to throw a party, so we'll see.

Oh, and this here website is up and running again after it broke down due to The Man deciding to abandon an older version of PHP. Links are mostly working and we have a merch store with stuff! Yay!

And finally, for the last bit of news today - the polar caps are melting.