Unity Steamworks Wrapper now free and open source


Today our "Ludosity's Steamworks Wrapper" (we were legally bound to name it so..) recieved its new price change on the Unity Asset Store: FREE! Check it out here: Unity Asset Store We also opened up a public repository for the source code (sans proprietary code such as Steam binaries) here: GitHub repository This means we're releasing it into the wild for everyone to benefit from. But it also means we no longer will offer support for it - though hopefully the community support will grow into something even better. And we will of course be part of the continued development ourselves as we need new features for our own games. The main reason we chose to do this is because the coder who was maintaining the code base no longer has the time to dedicate to both development and support any more, and has moved on to new adventures. We have had a lot of fun though, and I hope the project will only become better by this decision. UPDATE: We have now put the MIT license on this project.