Ittle Dew and speedrunning


'Sup! We've recently seen that people are speedrunning Ittle Dew more and more - which is amazing! There is now an official un-official leaderboard in the form of a Google Doc, maintained by the top runners. You can find it here: Ittle Dew Leaderboards One of the reasons they keep this document instead of just using the Steam Leaderboards is because up until today, those leaderboards have been filled with false entries. Some are obvious hacks, while others might be the result from a glitch in the game. Either way it made serious running more difficult on those boards. Now the boards have been weeded out though. There were some entries that were close enough to be almost believable, but in the end we decided to cut anything below the official WR (currently 636 seconds) and if we did delete a true time, then all we need is some video proof and we'll put your time up again =) Going forward we intend on making some updates for runners - we're gonna look into fixing some of the bugs that make it harder to run, and also to add a no-dialogue option! Opinions are divided on that one it seems, but should at least make practice easier. On a personal note, I'll also try and stream some running soon - gonna try at my PB and break 12 minutes =)