Ittle Dew: European Wii U release, NA patch, Japan


Ittle Dew is now completed for the European Wii U eShop! The biggest update is localization, but we have also addressed the two biggest complaints from the NA release: stuttering during saving, and that no sound is coming from the GamePad. We have also made a number of smaller bugfixes and polish overall. Ittle Dew Wii U EU changelog: We're currently waiting for age ratings and final approval, and expect to have Ittle Dew in the EU eShop by August - stay tuned for release date. Sadly it doesn't look like there will be a German release though - the USK rating is quite expensive and it might not even make its money back in Germany. We also intend to patch the NA version with these changes. Apart from being improved over-all, a Spanish localization also means we can publish it in Mexico! Lastly, we're also in talks with a publisher in Japan about a Wii U release there - stay tuned for more info!