CCN: Ludosity x Ludosity


Our game "Card City Nights", that Haku introduced in the last post, is in fact a crossover type game. With just Ludosity-related games! Games like Ittle Dew (of course - our one somewhat known game), Space Hunk (the bizarre Mojam game), Healthy Weapon (my android fighter) and of course Daniel Remar's beloved games such as Iji, Garden Gnome Carnage & Hero Core. Plus many more, that you've never heard of! In the game, you collect cards featuring these "franchises" but you also meet & battle people that are kind of characters from these games but "remixed" as various regular, urban card game enthusiasts. Which means 2 things: 1) Almost no one will have any idea what the hell is going on with this baffling game. 2) I have to draw the characters from Daniel's beloved games and not screw them up! So let's talk about 2. Here's what I did, I had Daniel draw a sketch for his characters, to give me a pose to work with and ensure I don't misinterpret details about their design. Let me show you the process for my favorite character from Iji - Iosa the Invincible, reimagined here as a scientist working at the Card Science Lab: "One day I will unlock your mysteries, tiny card" One thing to note about Iji is that the sprites were first made in 3D, and then rendered out and touched up. So for the Iosa card art, we opened the 3D model and posed it a bit, and used that as the basis for the picture: Iosa chilling in the flames, no biggie