PR: Ittle Dew release date, playable for everyone @ E3 2013


Here's a brand new gameplay trailer!   Ludosity can today announce that Ittle Dew will be released on July 1st, 2013. It will also be showcased  at E3 this year to gamers and journalists alike. Unlike most games showed at E3, Ittle Dew will be displayed just outside the convention center in Ouya’s showcase area, for everyone to see and play. ”I really hope the public will pick up on that and come and play some new cool games at this E3, even if they don’t have access to the indoors event,” says Joel Nyström of Ludosity, who will be on-site. ”And it’s so exciting to finally be able to show our game to the world. We’ve been working so hard on this for so long it’s crazy.” Ittle Dew is a retro-fresh, puzzly adventure game coming to PC and consoles this summer. Lead heroine Ittle and her sidekick Tippsie crash their boat onto an unsuspecting island and immediately set about to explore and loot the place. Gameplay is snappy and boiled down to the essentials. Filled with secrets, puzzles and shortcuts, Ittle Dew is designed for replayability and speedrunning. More info, trailers and screenshots here: Ludosity is a Swedish game studio that has previously developed Magicka –Wizards of the Square Tablet (tablets), Bob Came In Pieces (Steam) and Alien Chaos and Boulder Dash XL (Nintendo 3DS) plus a host of smaller titles across XBLA, web and mobile. More info here: Contact details Joel Nyström @reallyjoel +46704270981