Alien Chaos 3D out on the 3DS eShop


  Like a fine vintage wine, our game Alien Chaos 3D (first called 'Really Shooter', then 'Mama & Son', then 'Clean House 3D') has finally been released on the 3DS eShop - in Europe. It was finished in 2011 and it's been through some adventures between then and now, but here we finally are! We'll also bring it out in the US soon too - and maybe we'll get a chance to change the name back to Clean House 3D =) If you're wondering what the hell this game is about, well, it's mostly about destroying robots and cleaning up afterwards. It's more fun than it sounds, and it also has one of the best uses of StreetPass of any 3DS game (certainly by the time of its completion anyway)! Check it out, it's only €4!