Steamworks for Unity roadmap


We know alot of our Steamworks for Unity customers have been wanting for an update for a while now. We're also getting an increasing number of requests for the source code. Well today I can announce good news on both accounts! A new update is coming - and it will be big! We have added support for Friends, Matchmaking, Micro Transactions, Wallet and Workshop since the last update. We have also updated it to the latest Steamworks SDK. All of this is more or less done, the last step is to to tie everything together and perform some testing. As for the source code, we have a plan for that aswell. We have already set up a repository and invited a select few developers to it. Our intention is that everybody will be able to access it eventually. We also want to introduce a price change - lower the price significantly on the Unity Asset Store, and keep the current pricing as a "VIP" level with source code access. This means that all current customers will be converted to VIP! If you think this sounds like a good idea - let us know! And hang tight regarding the upcoming update - it's on its way!