Rant on publishers


You could say alot of things about EA's so-called Indie Bundle over on Steam. Personally I'm not upset that EA uses the word "indie" like that - to be honest the games do have an indie flare to them. What is indie? What is art? Bla bla bla. However, after having played the otherwise lovely Warp tonight for the first time, I must rant a little about publishers. Specifically how they fuck games up post-development. Let me describe what I've just endured:

I buy the game on Steam, install, boot it up. Something that looks like Origin pops up and asks me for my CD key. I find it and enter it. I then start the game and play for 30 minutes or so. Quit for a while and come back. My save does not exist! Because I didn't log in properly the first time. What?

So I log in - I'm greeted by a standard login screen, but it doesn't say anywhere what it will log me into. To find out, I press "forgot password" and enter an email I usually use for this. Lo and behold, I get an email from Origin. OK, Origin it is, so back into the game and log into Origin within the game. Wait, I already did that before, I activated it on Origin already? Anyways, onward to the game alrady.

Not so fast, now you need to enter the serial key. The hell, I've already entered it! GAWD, okay, I guess you need to enter it twice..? Let's see, copy the CD key again, try and paste. Nope, the field wont accept paste. Shift+Tab to find the key through the Steam overlay, memorize the first four, shift back, enter, shift back, memorize, shift back, enter four more.... FUUUCK THIS GAME I DONT WANNA PLAY ANYMORE!!

I don't think for a minute this is Trapdoor's fault. It's obviously the publisher that pushed for certain features stemming from their current business plans. But it's so GODDAMN TACKY - as a customer I just say "fuck it" and walk away. Zynga recently acquired DrawSomething for $210m and instantly started messing with the product. It increased the ads, and changed the login system and some other stuff. This has led to a lot of grief with the players, the ads of course are annoying, but even worse, some people have lost their sessions from before the updates and now have to start over. And so, since they day Zynga took over, the userbase have declined from 15m to 10m (it actually peaked on the day of acquisition). All this because the publisher can't handle their own area of expertise. Publishers, please. Don't suck.