Ludosity is growing


Hey guys, [caption id="attachment_1574" align="alignright" width="320" caption="Growing Pains - they look happy though"][/caption] Recently we've been taking on some new talent, and we've also expanded our offices a little. First I'd like to tell you about our new designer and "Head of R&D" (I guess?) Juha Kangas who will be fully devoted to dream up and prototype new game concepts for us. These prototypes will end up on our Play page for all to enjoy for free, along with a little statement and the ability to give feedback. When it's time to move on to our next big project, one of these concepts will be the foundation for that game. At that point, Juha will step up as visionary and lead for that project, and Daniel Remar will rotate over onto full-time prototyping. We hope this process will yield wonderful results, not to mention a Play section full of awesome stuff. Next up I'd like to introduce interns Mikael and Helén who will be fighting eachother to the death for a permenent spot on the team. They're both really talented artists and will absorb what wisdom Anton can bestow upon them in the coming months. Stefan is back on coding duty for a new un-announced game due out this fall, and Andreas is writing game design for yet another project that will revolutionize the Swedish School system sometime in the coming years. Oh, and it looks like Ludosity will be releasing four games in 2012. Boulder Dash XL, Alien Chaos 3D, Ittle Dew, and a new secret game! Blimey!