No More Sweden 2011


UPDATE: link to the games, including our winning entry Baad Gringos Last weekend, me and Daniel Remar traveled to Stockholm for the annual No More Sweden, that ambulates from city to city - this year in our capital, and right during the Pride Festival to boot. In fact, the parade was right outside our windows =) Anyways, we hung out at Future Games Academy for 3 days, listened to awesome talks, held awesome talks, played awesome games and made awesome games. Each year, the jamming part of NMS is less and less pronounced, and that's a good thing IMO. We put focus on interesting talks / presentations, and actually hanging out with eachother, as opposed to cramp up around a computer screen each and hack away, each in our separate bubble. It was extra fun that Doug + Co from CPHG Game Collcetive playtested a couple of tactile games (no screen, focus on motion) that were very fun. Me and Remar teamed up. We got the three words Rest, Control, and Confuse. We started out with a sheep-herding game with some trippy drug-induced randomness in it, but it didn't turn out any fun. We started over and made it into a multiplayer game between a shepherd and a thief that competes for a pack of sheep. It turned out pretty good, and we even won the jam! I tried to meet new people this year, and made new acquaintances with people from Italy, Denmark and of course Sweden. Loved it. Can't wait for next year!