Meet the makers


So what do we do here at Ludosity? What kind of skills would you need for this kind of prestigous, minimum wage job? Let's find out! Gustav, Mattias, Dan and Stefan are the coders, creating everything from gameplay features to file converters, and working out low-level memory managment. Let's take a closer look at these people's brains.

Daniel: Please describe in one sentence what's it like developing for the 3DS. Gustav: Interesting but challenging. Stefan: It's cool. Dan: Death tractor. Mattias: Is it my turn to have the devkit yet? Daniel: Explain with a metaphor what working at Ludosity is like. Everyone: (Long silence) Daniel: What's the weirdest thing about one of the games we're making? Gustav: The source code contains dialogues between us, and a reference to Office Space - not just a random comment, but a part describing the code.

Joel is part boss, project lead, economic department and public relations... a lot of executive things. He'd like to be more involved with the games though. Sometimes mysteriously disappears, and returns with either a publishing deal or bags of fruit.

Daniel: On a scale of having tea to wrestling giraffes, how difficult was it to start up a game company? Joel: Really easy. I didn't do it myself, it was first started by Arcade and Jesper, and then the team has gradually changed, so it rather fell into my lap. It still doesn't feel like a "real" company due to our low wages, help from the business incubator and loans. So it's basically as easy as brewing coffee. Daniel: What have you done today? Joel: Gone to a meeting with a bank, bought snacks, worked on legal documents for our new LLC and put a game up on the website. Daniel: What's the weirdest thing about one of the games we're making? Joel: That Ittle Dew's normal-sized breasts make people mistake her for a guy.

Anton is the artist and produces 2D and 3D graphics and animations, using Photoshop, Maya, and currently Nintendo's development tools. All day, every day.

Daniel: What does an average workday look like? Anton: I sit here and make a lot of art. That's all I do. Daniel: How many of our game characters are completely sane? Anton: Hmmm... none? Daniel: What's the weirdest thing about one of the games we're making? Anton: Our level editors contain minigames.

Fredrik is in charge of QA (Quality Assurance), and is incidentally also the entire QA staff. The 3DS's 3D feature gives him motion sickness in ten seconds flat, and he's currently going through 100 levels and writing down which ones crash, rebooting the console in between each one. Let's make his life even worse for a bit.

Daniel: Please describe in one sentence how stable our games are right now. Fredrik: Haha... "Not." Daniel: How fun is your job? Fredrik: Better than any other job I've had. QA is fun if you turn it into a challenge to find as many serious bugs as possible. Daniel: What's the weirdest thing about one of the games we're making? Fredrik: That the armadillo is impossible to kill. He's gigantic and there is no escape. If you try to jump, he just follows behind you. He covers the entire screen. It's impossible.

I (Daniel) am a designer, but it's a fuzzy word - since I started working at Ludosity I've been coding some flash games and level editors (hence the inclusion of minigames in our editors, ed. note) for our games, but mostly doing levels, design documents, prototypes, gameplay ideas, particle effects, gameplay tweaking, menues and menu animation, 2D animation tweening, trailer recording, 2D graphics, some project lead duties and sound editing. And the weirdest thing is how doodles on the whiteboard turn into features and characters in Ittle Dew.