Introducing the dev blogs


We had a very successful launch of our new Play section last week, with our first game Froggish Swimmer drawing fair amounts of attention to itself. We have more titles lined up, expect them to start trickle this week! Also, each game will be accompanied with a "developers statement" that will give some background to how/why the game was made. I think that will be a nice touch - I know I'm interested in other devs reasoning behind their games, so I hope others will be in ours as well. Daniel Remar has the first one up already. We will also start to seriously blog about our main development. We're currently working with a publisher to bring out two Nintendo 3DS titles this year, but haven't been able to talk much about it yet (..publishers... =). But now the lid has been lifted, and Daniel Remar will be first out with some ramblings about flaming chainsaws or something.