Website overhaul, stage 1


After a bit of live tweaking (sorry about that), we have now taken the first step towards our relaunch of our webpage (and indeed our company)! You'll notice the new logo, which is slightly tweaked and have dropped the "interactive" part. Also a new section, "Play", which will soon contain a bunch of free browser games. These games are basically our prototypes for our coming titles. We'll test the waters by simply putting the prototypes (plus some degree of polish of course) on the webpage for anyone to play. We're putting a fair deal of resources on our "Prototyping Factory", so expect many games to come! We are also re-forming our company to a proper stockholding/LLC (the Swedish equivalent), hence the new logo and name (dropping 'interactive'), and we are taking in some investments which will fund the Prototyping Factory. Exciting times!