It's quiet.. too quiet!


It sure has been quiet here on the blog lately, but not so internally. We have two un-announced Nintendo 3DS projects under development, and we are working hard on finding the best platform/s for Ittle Dew. The two Nintendo 3DS titles will be revealed during E3, but they are already well underway and a lot of fun to play. Why two titles? Mostly just because we can - we share alot of tech between them so it's actually quite effective to work this way. And besides, we're bursting with ideas, so there's no shortage of gameplay ideas to implement. Ittle Dew, which was announced a while back, is on pause as far as active development goes, but we are laying the groundwork in terms of publishing / funding and what platforms will suit it and us best. The plan is actually to have epicsode 1 out in time for Christmas this year. But don't quote me on that. It will be a very busy 2011, but that's how we like it!