Normal people vs. Ludosity


You know how people outside this industry, normal people, often thinks that everybody on a gamedev team is a programmer? Even if you say that you're a designer or even artist, they still imagine you hacking away at some 80's-looking text terminal, magically making shit appear on the screen just by typing in secret codes. And if you try to explain what you really do, they either don't get it, or they do a complete 180 and instead say "Oh, so you basically just play games all day?" Well our studio is nothing like that. Every single one of us DO program, including designers and artists. In fact we have all single-handedly made at least a couple of games each. Daniel Remar, our main designer, has obviously made a whole bunch of awesome games on his own. Iji, Hero Core, Castle of Elite, etc. Currently he is relaxing in his spare time by making a completely awesome Operation Carnage-homage that he calls Super Princess Pitch, which is shaping up nicely and will be released for free soon I think. Anton Nilsson, our main artist, has made a number of small games on his own and entered a couple of them in the Swedish Game Awards. That's right, an artist that programs! Actually, one of the very first things he made when he came to Ludosity was a pixel art editor, because he couldn't find one that was good enough. He made a new, really good editor in 2 weeks time in his spare time. He should release that, now that I think about it. I have myself made a couple of games solo. I'm the producer and has an education in game design, but fell in love with programming a couple of years ago and hasn't looked back since. I do tend to work in teams though, so my solo projects aren't that impressive. But knowing how to program is a very good thing for a producer / project manager - otherwise it's easy to fall for the programmers jedi mind tricks. Mattias Hakulinen is our programmer intern and newest member. Aside from coding he also makes music and is surprisingly good at drawing for a code-monkey. He's currently making Windows Phone 7-games in his spare time. Then we have Gustav Vidner, our lead programmer. But now that I think about it, I don't think he's ever made a solo project! So the only one in our dev team that hasn't programmed something completely on their own is our main programmer dude. Damn, I should send him on a Game Jam or something! Anyways, that's us. Be cool, stay in school, don't do drugs!