I'm currently sitting and dividing my time between constantly pressing F5 to see if our new game is up on Xbox Live yet, and putting the finishing touches on some presentation material I will bring to Gamex. Gamex is Swedens answer to E3 - and as lame as that sounds, I think it will a fun four days of letting people play our games. I had a similar experience at Dreamhack (worlds biggest LAN) a year ago, and it's an absolutely fantastic feeling to see people enjoy what you have slaved over. Since there will be alot of publishers at Gamex, I will also take the opportunity to present the next game in our pipeline to them. I have been wanting to talk about this game for a while now, but I will hold off a little while longer. Let's first make sure GGC on Xbox launches well and recieves the attention it deserves! =) If you're in Stockholm sometime between Thursday and Sunday this week, stop by Gamex and I'll personally hook you up with some kick ass games! Hope to see you there!