Success!! Now what?


We successfully launched Mama & Son: Clean House on XBOX Live Indie Games last Tuesday, it has recieved great feedback and has performed reasonably well! We're happy with the launch! Many people have asked about a PC version of Mama & Son, and we're concidering it. Stay tuned for more info on that one.. Next up in the pipeline though a new XBLIG title called 'Garden Gnome Carnage' ! Actually, the game is already done, and have been for some time, and we'll start that launch-apparatus next week. Expect trailers and screenshots and whatnot soon! So, if our next game is ALREADY DONE, then what the hell are we doing RIGHT NOW?? Well I'll tell you what, we're making awesome. Pure, distilled awesome. It's gonna blow your mind. It already blows our minds - right now. Speaking of which, we have a sprint review in just a couple of minutes, so I'm gonna go check that out! Peace out and stay tuned for more info on Garden Gnome Carnage!