Missile Draw

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[WP_UnityObject src=”http://www.ludosity.com/prototypes/missiledraw/missiledraw.unity3d” width=”605″ height=”450″ /]


Collect resources, shield yourself &
fire missiles to destroy the enemy base!

How To Play

Cursor and left-mouse for all gameplay input.

Select an object type and draw a path from your base. Each object has a cost and you can draw up to three paths per turn.

Press the REDO button to reset paths and press the SUBMIT button when ready. Then wait for your opponent, if he/she already submitted the round will be played.

Missiles damages the enemy base, the Shield destroys other objects and the Resource Cart collects resources from Resource Nodes.

Developers Statement

Juha: Inspired by asynchronous games on the iOS platform as well as games with free-hand drawing.

The game was developed as part of our new rapid prototyping process trying to find new game concepts to develop.

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I want to play to stregthen my brain memory and so on!


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