Lean Game

Lean Bicycle Factory Demonstration Game

Get this factory in shape

You are the new manager of a factory that needs a new plan! Organize and shape up the factory to make it lean and mean, and above all, profitable!

Lean is a new way of thinking

Lean turns many conventions on it’s head. It is the new leading way to manage a company or run a factory. It is based on the immensely successful Toyota Production System.

Learn while having fun

Make no mistake, this is a game. But it will introduce menu new concepts to the player, and it has a vast library of information about Lean. After playing this game, your employee will come out more conscious about wastes, and he will bring his new knowledge to work.

Try the game!

Download the prototype game and try to optimize your own factory.
It’s freely available for all employees of the partners (and their subsidiaries) detailed below. N.B You need to be able to run exe-files to play this game. Read installation instructions here installation.


(Version 09-11-06, 5.6 Mb)


Lean_1 Lean_2 Lean_3

The Lean Bicycle Factory Demonstration game was a collaboration project cordinated by Gothia Science Park Project Arena and the participating companys/organisations were University of Skövde, Skaraborgs Sjukhus, IDC West Sweden AB, AB Volvo (gm Volvo Technology and Volvo Techwatch and Business Innovation), Innovatum, Grönlunds Plåt and Ludosity Interactive.