Instant Party Action!

Get in on the action within seconds. Loot, Steal ‘n Destroy is designed to be fun from the first moment You play. Grab a controller and start wreaking havoc on the seven seas!


You main objective is clear: Loot as much gold as you possibly can! Just be sure to secure it before the time is up.


Of course, You don’t have to go all the way to the Treasure Island to find gold. Your neighbour is also sure to have some!


Pesky neighbours will try to defend their gold. Shoot them down immediately! Then steal their on-board treasures before you loot their home base.

  • 2-4 player Party Action
  • 8 different playable factions
  • 15 levels with unique game modes
  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Only 400 Microsoft Points

Available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace!



LootStealDestroy-Screen1 LootStealDestroy-Screen2 LootStealDestroy-Screen3