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Ittle Dew 2 will be released November 15!

Ittle Dew 2 has been two years in the making, but we finally have a date! It’s coming to Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November 15, 2016. Check out more here:

PsyCard released!

We announced it everwhere else, but forgot our own website – PsyCard is out on iOS and Android!

It’s currently at version 1.3 on both stores, and since release we’ve added Achievements, Cloud saving and splitscreen multiplayer!

Get it now for 2 bucks!



Princess Remedy 2 – A brief overview


Oh, hello. I didn’t see you come in.

We were just working on this game called Princess Remedy In a Heap of Trouble, which is a prequel to our game jam game Princess Remedy In a World of Hurt. This new game is similar in scope to the first one, but with some changes and additions.



An enormous Boss Tower has sprung from the ground, lifting entire towns up with it. People got used to it and kept living on the tower, but they’re starting to contract all sorts of mysterious illnesses. Princess Remedy, still in Saturnian healing school, must use her powers to heal everyone and defeat the Boss Tower.



Like the previous game, there are several worlds and a total of 64 NPCs, the majority of which need to be healed by engaging in one-screen battle scenes. There is also a boss at the end of each world. Remedy can speak to anyone who is healed and ask them on a date, which replaces her Flask bomb in the Healing Mode battles with a range of other abilities, depending on who she’s dating.

As usual, there are many silly characters to meet and secret chests to find. As the scope is so small, the game will also be quite cheap. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to break a swan’s neck.



Take care!

Princess Remedy – In A Heap of Trouble

Today we can announce the upcoming release of Princess Remedy – In A Heap of Trouble!

It’s the prequel to PR – In A World of Hurt, the game we jammed together during the Games Against Ebola jam in November 2014 and then released for free on Steam a year later. We were blown away by the reception and since we had such a blast making the first one everyone was excited to do a new one.

Here’s a little teaser to get you started. We’ll release a lot more info and trailer in the coming month!

Princess Remedy – In A Heap of Trouble will be released on Steam this summer!

Announcing PsyCard!

Today we’d like to announce a brand new little game, PsyCard!
A cozy cyberpunk minesweeper-like game for iOS and Android, coming soon!

Anton’s comments

If you’re an avid follower of all things Ludosity, you may remember a game prototype vote a while back. This is the result of that vote. We looked at the result of that, and based on other factors like the downtime we had and who on the team had said downtime, we decided to make the 3rd placer (out of 11) into a full-blown game. It was PsyCard, the versus minesweeper-like! Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll never make any of the other prototypes. They’re all still ideas from various people at Ludosity, people who would like to see these games get made some day. But for now, the convenient choice was to make PsyCard.

Before I get into the development stuff, let me explain the rules of PsyCard.

PsyCard is a two player game, played with 8×4 cards (for standard rules at least) placed face down on a table. The players take turns picking cards to flip over. The contents of the opponents cards are always hidden (unless super powers are involved).

5 of these cards are ”Fruit Cards”, 2 of them are ”Star Cards” and 3 of them are ”Skull Cards”.
Finding 3 fruits makes you win the round.
Drawing a skull makes you lose the round.
The stars add points if you win the round with them.
When a round is over, the cards are reset and a new round begins. This continues until one player reaches the score limit and wins the whole match.

The trick to the game is that when you draw an ”empty” card, you get some psychic hints about what the cards around the empty card contains. Kind of like those numbers in Minesweeper, you know. And using these hints, and your characters special powers, you must find the good cards and avoid skulls to win.


I am to blame for most of the things in PsyCard – the gameplay design, the character art, the writing (lol!), the card match programming. Basically everything except for backgrounds and music (scroll down for more on those topics). I also made the original prototype. The initial idea was to make something interesting based on the popular game Minesweeper, but with something of an ”anime” twist – super powers etc. The gameplay was pretty much set from the start, but the art had a really bumpy ride even before the prototype was started! Check this out:


One of the things I wanted in this game was for the opponent to be more ”there” during the match than in for example our Card City Nights. So I made these kind of cut-in frames that pop in to let the opponent react to things like thinking they’ll win on their next move, or fearing the lack of safe cards to draw. I also show the full character portrait with some particles and stuff when the characters use their best special power.


As for the story… I tried! Since our resident awesome writer/designer Daniel Remar was busy with fine tuning Ittle Dew 2 (he did draw 3 bonus characters for PsyCard though and help test the game), I wrote this game and that’s really all there is to say on the matter.

Basically it’s a dystopian cyberpunk setting, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone in the game. It’s just the world they live in, and they want to goof around and play this popular psychic card game.
The main characters that you choose from are a bunch of freeloaders that mooch of their mutual friend who got rich from being in some kind of accident. Then they go out to play cards and meet a bunch of weirdos while doing so, the end.

Honestly, when we put up the poll for those prototypes I had already discarded PsyCard as a dead idea but threw it into the ring anyway. I expected it to place super low, but somehow it didn’t. So I reluctantly tried to rekindle my feelings for the project and get things going. In the end, I think it turned out to be a fine mobile game for picking up and playing in short bursts.

Now let’s hear from some other people who worked on the game!

Nils’ comments (Background art)

When I started making the main story’s background art I only had a few character portraits to go on, it’s a nice thing to have free reins. As the main story had a setup similar to our earlier game Card City Nights with static backgrounds behind Antons character portraits, the heavily outlined cartoon style from CCN’s backgrounds felt appropriate to make a return. However, the mood of the characters where far less bright and wacky in PsyCard. This would reflect on the world as well. Not a lot of details where nailed down early on more than the idea of a darker future setting. To fit the cartoonish nature of Antons drawings, I started thinking back to the cyberpunk infused comic books I used to bury my nose in as a lad (The nerd store the characters visit in PsyCards campaign is heavily inspired by the store I read a lot of those comics in). I went heavier on the dark lines and mood, and easier on the anachronisms and wacky imagery that fills CCN. I wanted a bit of the feeling of those old comics and decided to use a limited color palette for the backgrounds. They also inspired me to segment the coloring; grouping objects together with the same color. To tie the world together, I tried to keep a theme of snow and winter in the areas. As if the city is isolated in a world of ice.


Mattias’ comments (Music)

The short musical themes made for the story were heavily inspired by the random animés I just happened to be watching around the same time. Tracks like these almost overemphasizes the mood of a scene or the character it’s bound to and does so very quickly.
The music used for the battles are all dance electronica tracks with old school sounds, from basic synths to single sample instruments and breakbeats common around the 90s.
Check out some of the awesome song over att Mattias’ SoundCloud!

On porting and meeting expectations

After announcing Ittle Dew 2 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, many have been happy the sequel is finally coming, but some have also expressed their disappointment in how it’s not announced for their favorite platforms.

Going back to the first Ittle Dew, we put it out on Steam (3 OS’s), DRM-free on Windows, OSX and Linux (across a handful of dist. partners such as GOG and Humble), iOS, Android, Ouya and WiiU. That’s a lot of platforms for such a small team as ours – we’re only 6 people after all. For each platform there’s a certain amount of added overhead such as implementing their special frameworks, certification, and especially maintaining updates. Even after release, it’s not always a straight-forward experience to put out a patch, someties it’s as much work as the initial certification. We were definitely spread too thin with so many platforms, so after assessing the launch of Ittle Dew we said to never again support so many platforms with one game.

Now for the sequel, when we looked at which platforms we wanted to support we decided based on two things – how “nice” it is to develop for (regarding devkits, SDK’s, Unity support, publishing process etc) and install-base/potential sales numbers, and decided on these three platforms.

We realize that if you for example bought the game on Wii U you would like the sequel on the same platform – it’s very understandable. However it’s also a bit discouraging for us to see our posts and announcements filled with comments of what it isn’t instead of what it is, when we’re only trying to make the best game possible and hopefully make our investment back. I’m also personally surprised to see so many requesting it for mobile – we honestly didn’t think those ports held the same level of quality as the others, plus they had inherent input problems. They also didn’t sell enough copies, so the decision to cut out mobile this time was easy.

There is a small chance that we’ll still put Ittle Dew 2 on more platforms than the announced ones, but we’re only exploring possibilities at this point.


Ittle Dew 2 is being published by Nicalis!

Today Ludosity can proudly announce that we’re partnering with the esteemed publisher Nicalis to bring Ittle Dew 2 to Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One!

Nicalis is well known for releasing top quality indie titles such as Cave Story and Binding of Isaac. We’re super thrilled to add Ittle Dew 2 to that list and look forward to working with a bunch of awesome people! Well, I say look forward, but of course we’ve already been working with them for some time behind the scenes now, we just haven’t announced anything yet! That’s apparently a thing, where you have a marketing plan that you execute, and not just release everything you have as soon as you have it. I don’t know, something about maximizing value or something. Glad they’re handling that part now, maybe this time we’ll sell a bunch of copies too!

Here, have a trailer

We’ll be showcasing Ittle Dew 2 during GDC’16, so if you’re in San Francisco next week, come to or around Moscone center and I’ll hook you up! I’m also available for interviews, just let me know!


A whole bunch of prototypes! Help us choose

We have made a lot of cool prototypes and there just ain’t enough time to finish them all! So we have collected a few (11 to be exact) and put them all up for public scrutiny!

Launching today is where you can watch vines, read descriptions, and vote on which prototypes you like! We’ll collect these likes over the holidays now and keep an eye on the feedback we get.

The site randomizes the order the games are shown in to make it as fair as possible. You can vote on all of the games or just one.

Hope you like them! =) See you after the holidays again.



Progress out now!

It’s been 17 months since we started out trying to make the most simplistic game we could possibly do, and now it’s finally out.

Download Progress on App Store

Progress is 100 silly, bouncy puzzles for your phone or tablet. It looks something like this:


And you might look a little like this:


Or like this:

More over at

Quest Forge for NES out now!

This is pretty amazing – we made an NES game! And it’s actually on sale! Boxed cartridges!

Quest Forge by Order of Kings is an Action Adventure RPG where you play as Sir Nils, knight of the castle Axvald – and the king needs your help. The world orb has been stolen and the demon gate can now be opened. By the orders of the king, you have to stop whoever is plotting to unleash evil on these lands.

-Explore the world, from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountains.
-Defeat enemies with a combat system that combines timing and statistics based rpg combat.
-Search for the eight magical artifacts that will enhance Nils’ abilities.

Quest Forge was largely developed by Mattias Hakulinen (@dothaku) with graphics by Nils Härgestam (@ProfessorSteamg). It is published by Piko Interactive and is sold on their online store, with selected retail distribution to come!

There are two editions, standard and a numbered limited edition. They both look pretty badass, but my favorite is the limited in black.

Quest Forge

Quest Forge with box and manual

Limited Edition in black with grey logo

Limited Edition in black with grey logo








Buy it here!