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Congratulations Mac User!

Yes it is true! Bob Came in Pieces on Mac!

We have been testing out Bob Came in Pieces and it is coming along fine! We will release the Mac-version of Bob Came in Pieces in about one week! So hold your horses (and dollars) for a little while.

And for you PC guys and girls all over the world, we have something for you too: A patch! The patch will be released soon too! Changelog will be released here too.

And one last thing. Our friend Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström won the IGF Nuovo award for his game Tuning. Congratulations Jonatan!

Global Game Jam is On and How to Get a Free Copy of Bob!

Do you remember when I first wrote about Global Game Jam and I told you all to go to your local event? Well Global Game Jam is on and I think it is a great way to learn more about game development or get in touch with fellow developers from all around the world.

We at Ludosity are currently in Copenhagen (Nordic Game Jam, Joel is there. He told me he is sitting in the middle of the big open aula..and in Skövde, our hometown. From the reports I got from Joel it is a lot of people and they are having great fun! I will not participate as a dev this time but I will actually judge the cool devs here in Skövde 🙂

Also if you still haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of Bob Came in Pieces and you want one for free? Yes, you can actually get some copies for free if you got some skills. Check these competitions out:

If you are attending the Game Jam in Skövde, one of the prizes are copies of Bob 🙂

Game on!

Bob Came in Pieces – Trailer

Here is a fresh new trailer! Hope you like it 🙂

Project M.I.F.O – teaser

Hey eyy!!

Our game progress is doing well and we present you a little level you can play. You need the unity web player installed to play the game right in your browser. You dont even need to restart your browser.

Link to the game

You can right click and Go Fullscreen if you want to.

Please comment 🙂