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Destroy the enemy base!

How To Play

Cursor, left-mouse and WASD for all gameplay input.

Spawn units to counter enemy units and push forward to destroy the enemy base. Try to stack the best combinations of units.

Clicking a unit stops/starts their movement so that you may time your attacks or create defense points.

Developers Statement

Juha: Inspired by Dota, Bota is a different take on that where you handle and tune the NPC spawning.

The game was developed as part of our new rapid prototyping process trying to find new game concepts to develop. Possible additions to this concept could be hero units, upgrades, resources and alternate paths.

3 Responses to “Bota”

I tried spamming out ranged creeps but my pushes tended to fail horribly when I tried that. It was fun learning the different strategies for the different phases of the game, like how healers seem pointless at the start and become really really important when you’re pushing their throne, and having more melee creeps to tank tower shots in the base is really useful. Ultimately settled on Melee-Melee-Heal-Ranged-Ranged towards the end, and constantly having that piping down mid wore down the throne quickly. Really fun prototype!

The Escape Goat

Yes, that’s true! For a full-featured version we’d have to spend alot of time on balancing. I still think it’s a successful prototype though, this could be a fun game.


Fun concept, Ranged Creeps are way to powerful. I won by simply spamming ranged creeps after actual strategy failed me.


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