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Sailing the seven seas to slay the dragon!

How To Play

[W] & [D] to move, [LEFT] & [RIGHT] to operate scoops, [SPACE] to jump, [1] & [2] & [3] to attach/detach weapons.

Destroy enemies using weapons found throughout the levels & find the dragon!

Developers Statement

Battledozer was concepted by Nils and developed by Juha as part of Ludosity Play, our public prototypes.


2 Responses to “Battledozer”

Great idea about launching the weapons with 1,2,3 – the flippers were fun on paper but tdidnt work out that well in the end. I hope we’ll revisit this concept further!


I like this concept! The ability to remote control the weapon pods via the attachment cables it a tool that could be used for strategic combat. I had fun messing around with more weapons than I could attach on level 2, It´s very nice to push a weapon towards an enemy and then retreat!

If this concept ever gets refined, controls would benefit on being worked on further. I hardly use the scopes, because they still give you very little control over where pods land, and in which direction. I would rather have the 1,2,3 buttons being used in more ways. Let´s keep them for attaching and detaching. But, when detaching, the weapon could be launched away in a preset arc. That would make it easier to get the pods where you want them.

Right now, the physics of the tank mess up in the terrain. I often find myself driving around nose down with the conveyors in the air after a battle in a slope. It´s a bit weird. The jump could use more weight to it, it feels a bit like driving on the moon.

So far, a fun concept well worth exploring further!


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