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Clear the dungeons!

How To Play

Move your character with the arrow keys. You can doubletap right or left to dash in that direction. Hold space to start aiming the ball, and release space to launch it. You are invulnerable while dashing. Dropping the ball stuns you briefly.

Developers Statement

Neo: Arcadungeon is a Arkanoid-type game, but set within a dungeon. You must battle your way through the dungeon until you reach and defeat the mighty dragon!

The game was developed as part of our new rapid prototyping process trying to find new game concepts to develop. Possible additions to this concept could be hero units, upgrades, resources and alternate paths.

One Response to “Arcadungeon”

Fun flail mechanics and pretty interesting concept, would like to see this made. The dashing of the knight could be made a little bit less floaty.

Joel Alftberg

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