We announced it everwhere else, but forgot our own website – PsyCard is out on iOS and Android!

It’s currently at version 1.3 on both stores, and since release we’ve added Achievements, Cloud saving and splitscreen multiplayer!

Get it now for 2 bucks!



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10 thoughts on "PsyCard released!"

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  4. Daniel Remar says:

    We’ve no plans on releasing the game on PC at the moment, as we don’t think it’s up to the quality standards of our other games. I also don’t think you can buy it without using the app stores, sorry.

  5. Is there a way to buy the game for android that doesn’t involve the google play store? Guess I’ll wait for a PC version if it’s planned, though I wouldn’t mind just buying the APK and running it with Bluestacks or something.

  6. usami says:

    I also like this game. And I’d like to play it on PCs, too! 😀

  7. Michael says:

    I got this game for my mobile device and this game just is JUST AWESOME. Seriously, ever since I played Card City Nights I could not find the game with at least somewhat similiar gameplay and graphics. And this is what I was looking for. A perfect match of a Minesweeper (who the heck doesn’t like Minesweeper?!) and a strategic game with psy powers and three different game modes. Definetely one of the best games I ever played.

  8. luigi says:

    Thanks for this great game. However since the update to version 1.3, I cannot play anymore. I have got a dark screen when launching the game. I am running ios 9.0.2.

  9. Robin says:

    I’m SO anticipating the launch of this on PCs !!!
    Seem like a really cool game : ).

  10. I noticed a bug: whenever I go back to the main menu (from quick game/ story mode) the game won’t load and will instead soft-lock/ stay at the dark screen.

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