Today Ludosity can proudly announce that we’re partnering with the esteemed publisher Nicalis to bring Ittle Dew 2 to Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One!

Nicalis is well known for releasing top quality indie titles such as Cave Story and Binding of Isaac. We’re super thrilled to add Ittle Dew 2 to that list and look forward to working with a bunch of awesome people! Well, I say look forward, but of course we’ve already been working with them for some time behind the scenes now, we just haven’t announced anything yet! That’s apparently a thing, where you have a marketing plan that you execute, and not just release everything you have as soon as you have it. I don’t know, something about maximizing value or something. Glad they’re handling that part now, maybe this time we’ll sell a bunch of copies too!

Here, have a trailer

We’ll be showcasing Ittle Dew 2 during GDC’16, so if you’re in San Francisco next week, come to or around Moscone center and I’ll hook you up! I’m also available for interviews, just let me know!


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2 thoughts on "Ittle Dew 2 is being published by Nicalis!"

  1. Geravs says:

    Also, the skull on the raft at the beginning is NOT itan being eaten by ittle dew, right? ..

  2. Geravs says:

    Hey! I accidently posted this message on a blog post from last year, so diregard that one.

    Would you guys (the developers of the ittle dew 2) mind sharing some ideas for puzzles and items you had? Possibly even ones that didn’t make it into the game? I doubt that every single potential idea you had will go into the game.

    I loved the items and puzzles of ittle dew 1 and the many things you could do with them. For example I found it very clever you can use the ice rod to make mirrors on the walls for your portal rod. My favourite item was the portal rod, because I loved teleporting things around.

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