Quest Forge for NES out now!

This is pretty amazing – we made an NES game! And it’s actually on sale! Boxed cartridges!

Quest Forge by Order of Kings is an Action Adventure RPG where you play as Sir Nils, knight of the castle Axvald – and the king needs your help. The world orb has been stolen and the demon gate can now be opened. By the orders of the king, you have to stop whoever is plotting to unleash evil on these lands.

-Explore the world, from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountains.
-Defeat enemies with a combat system that combines timing and statistics based rpg combat.
-Search for the eight magical artifacts that will enhance Nils’ abilities.

Quest Forge was largely developed by Mattias Hakulinen (@dothaku) with graphics by Nils Härgestam (@ProfessorSteamg). It is published by Piko Interactive and is sold on their online store, with selected retail distribution to come!

There are two editions, standard and a numbered limited edition. They both look pretty badass, but my favorite is the limited in black.

Quest Forge

Quest Forge with box and manual

Limited Edition in black with grey logo

Limited Edition in black with grey logo








Buy it here!

11 Responses to “Quest Forge for NES out now!”

Found the Order section.

Just Need to know if it is region free, or if there is a PAL B version.

Christian Abroad

Hey there,

wehre can I order it?
Is there already an european version (PAL B)?!

I fuckin need it in my collection.
Please let me know and if possible send me a link to the Order section.

C ya in 8 bit^^…

Christian Abroad

You should sell this game on Steam. Would be a huge sucess.


Really awesome game, the cartridge and artwork is so cool =)


Will this game work on a Hyperkin Retron 1?


price for emulator?

filmovi sa prevodom

how much would a rom for an emulator cost?


Yes, the game will run on a European NES, but it will run a little slower. As for selling it digitally, or just distributing the ROM, we haven’t decided anything yet.

Daniel Remar

Does this game run also on a european NES?


I do not have a NES and would like to buy a digital copy.


Wish you were selling digital copies for emulators, it would have to be much cheaper but I would have bought. Thought it was worth mentioning.


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