Ittle Dew 2 – touring the world!

Did you catch our latest trailer and website? It was announced during Gamescom last week and you can see it right here:

It was super fun showing the game on the floor, and we got some pretty great interest in it =) Next up is PAX Prime in Seattle later this month where we will make a new exciting announcement and let people play it. Hope to see you there!

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There were some weird items that didn’t make it past the idea stage, one of them being a small potato-like creature that could be placed on the floor which mimiced Ittle’s movements. The idea came from Simon who worked briefly in our office. Anyway, the more it leveled up, the more it started to resemble Ittle. The creature later got the name That Guy and ended up being used as the final boss in Princess Remedy instead.

Daniel Remar

Hey! Would you guys (the developers of the ittle dew 2) mind sharing some ideas for puzzles and items you had? Possibly even ones that didn’t make it into the game? I doubt that every single potential idea you had will go into the game.

I loved the items and puzzles of ittle dew 1 and the many things you could do with them. For example I found it very clever you can use the ice rod to make mirrors on the walls for your portal rod. My favourite item was the portal rod, because I loved teleporting things around.


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