Two weeks ago, Ludosity participated in the four-day Games Against Ebola game jam. Daniel and Anton made Princess Remedy In a World of Hurt, with music by Mattias and Stefan, and Simon and Nils made Fist of Healing with more music by Mattias.

Today we’re releasing Princess Remedy for free, while talking a bit about how it was made. Get the game here:
Download Princess Remedy for Windows
Daniel on the game design
In Princess Remedy, you travel around the world to heal people with various ailments. The “Healing Mode” is a single-screen action sequence where you shoot band-aids and throw a limited amount of flasks at enemies like viruses and ghosts. Most of the ideas came from looking at Anton’s various concepts made before the game jam, which were expanded upon on our whiteboard on the first day of the jam.


Since we had four days, I figured it should be possible to make a fairly small RPG world with plenty of characters to heal, and several different enemies. After coding the overworld and basic battle screens, I received 64 NPC sprites and 16 enemy sprites from Anton, and two sets of tiles for the overworld and towns. With only two days left, I made the overworld areas, 49 regular battles, spent about four hours on the final boss, wrote the dialogue (hence why it’s so simple and rushed), and in the final hour of the jam added a save system. Since me and Simon decided to skip sleep on Saturday, I worked for about 32 hours straight, and managed to finish the game without having to cut any content from the plans. We also got a set of sweet final boss tunes from Stefan near the end.


Anton on graphics
Graphics for a jam game should be quick and fun to work with. I decided on a very low resolution look with very few colors on heavy black backgrounds. To spice it up I decided I should only use 1 color per 8×8 pixel block on a sprite or a tile, and I had Daniel code the sprites “erasing” tiles below them (it looks cool! Oldey!). This isn’t to emulate a specific console (although that is fun, I wasn’t up for that kind of dedication in a jam timeframe) but merely because limitations like these are fun to work with and forces one to be creative and try new things. And trying new things is a key to improvement, I feel.

This simple style, combined with very clear instructions on exactly what graphics we needed and how they should be set up, allowed me to churn out all the graphics in 2 days. Which was necessary since I would be away on the weekend.

The biggest thing I had to make was the final boss. For his concept design, both me and Daniel drew simultaneously on the whiteboard, just doodling whatever we could think of. Then I simply polished that design and translated it to pixels (still adhering to the 1 color per 8×8 area was the thoughest part!).

Haku on music
While the graphics are technically emulating something older than the NES I didn’t want to go that far back with the music. Thus the music is made by samples from the NES and the Gameboy, but disregarding any limitations those console would have. I played around with the noise sounds and with using moody arpeggios, also, I’ve been very much into jazz since the Card City Nights OST, so a jazz track naturally made it in there. All in all, I’m very proud of the soundtrack.

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10 thoughts on "Princess Remedy released"

  1. CoMcPhee says:

    I just finished this game on Steam – really enjoyed it. The bonus of choosing who to marry at the end is a brilliant reward. If you guys ever do make a sequel, I for one will definitely pay for it.

  2. Now that’s a nice game. Kind of reminds me of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with its background graphics, if it weren’t so retro looking. Great design, and it’s a good call to keep things simple. The boss design is nice, keep at it!

  3. Daniel Remar says:

    Mokesmoe: It appears that it depends on your graphics card whether it becomes blurry or not. Please try the other exe file and see if there’s a difference (one uses DirectDraw, the other uses Direct3D).

  4. Mokesmoe says:

    Whenever I have the game on any size other than x1 it’s really blurry.

  5. Daniel says:

    Auburn: We’d love to do a sequel! We’ll see if/when that happens. Anton has already made some graphics for it.

    I’ve been working on an updated version of the game with gamepad support, Hard and Master difficulty levels, and some other tweaks. I also changed that line you suggested, Bedinsis. Version 1.2 should be up within a few days.

  6. Robin says:

    I marry EVERYONE !!!
    This game is so cool ! The characters are lovely and everything is now perfect for the start of this year.
    <3 <3 <3

  7. Bedinsis says:

    Well, at long last I managed to get the game running. And I must say that I was impressed. It might have started out simple but before long the challenge increased to that sweet spot when you’re *this close* to being able to beat it, yet the game doesn’t feel unfair.
    …well almost. It was a bit annoying to throw a healing flask and quickly turn around and have the recently thrown flask turn with you.

    I also liked the Final Fantasyesque monologue of the final boss, and the superhard encounter with Frallan’s broken heart.

    As you might recall I was in the programming stream, and thought up some of the disease exchanges.
    I realize it’s not worth anything any more, but I thought up an ending to the “something in my eye”-joke that wouldn’t be a rip-off:
    “Phew! It was just my contact lens.”

  8. Auburn says:

    Oh, please do a sequel. This was my favorite (and in my opinion the best) of all the games in the bundle. I felt enchanted by the little world created in this game and would love to know more about it. And learning why Frallan disappeared was a surprise I did not expect, but greatly enjoyed. Loved this game!

  9. Daniel Remar says:

    Yes, the first part is a piece of nonsensical Polish, and the second is nonsensical (but gramatically correct) Swedish. It’s a proverb with most words replaced by similar-sounding words, resulting in the phrase “Small dove often dances to jazz”. 🙂

  10. PJ says:

    What exactly Chomp says at the ending screen? First sentence is in Polish (kind of), and second in some language i am not familiar with 😛

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