Hello there, scores of rabid Ittle fans swarming our offices and staring through the windows. Daniel here to say something vague about Ittle Dew 2 again!


What’s going on?

At the moment, only me (designer) and Anton (artist) are working on the game at all, mostly planning and making the graphical content. Stefan (programmer) becomes available for some small coding work now and then, but most of the time we have to make do with the functionality we have. Therefore, progress is pretty slow.



What’s done so far?

The game’s design has been mostly laid out down to the finer details, but a lot might change as development progresses. As far as actual development goes – as opposed to me just drawing dungeons and puzzles – we have a player running around various work-in-progress areas and smacking enemies, an enemy scripting system and level editor by Stefan, and some neat room transitions.


What’s the plan?
As the rest of the team are tied up with other projects for a few months more, the game will continue stumbling along, maybe picking up a few lines of code here and there. We don’t even have a deadline on deciding a deadline yet, but hey – here’s a Fishbun with legs.

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5 thoughts on "Ittle Dew 2 devblog: Slow news day"

  1. Sam says:

    Whoa, just after finishing ittle dew, and the compost crypt part, tippsie gives a hint to a sequel and I find this 😀 !

    When I first saw the screen at the top, it kinda looked like two players, but then after reading the earlier posts, realized it was an enemy. Are there any plans for multiple players, or would that change the puzzles too much?

    Anyways really excited, can’t wait for it!

  2. Daniel Remar says:

    Thanks NimbU!

    The 3D graphics allow us to do some things much faster and more efficiently, such as not having to hand-draw everything from various angles. (I did in-betweens in the first Ittle, and it took several weeks of my time.) We can also reuse skeletons, and to some extent animations, for some enemies. And if we want to change a detail on some character, we don’t have to redraw hundreds of frames, just tweak the model.

    The downside is that there are a few problems associated with camera movement, perspective and 3D depth when making a game like this. We can no longer simply draw some object or effect in front of everything else and have it make sense in a 3D world. Doors, and what type they are, also need to be clearly visible from “behind”.

    Some of the 2D charm will inevitably be lost, and things won’t be pixel-perfect anymore. But considering how much content this game will have, going 3D is certainly faster. We’ll try making it as charming as possible, still. 🙂

  3. NimbU says:

    Whoa whaaaat? I didn’t even realize there was a possibility that there would be an Ittle Dew 2. I’m so excited! Ittle Dew was probably the most fun game I’ve played all year.

    Interesting change in the visuals… I realize this is still very early in development, but I’m not sure I’m a fan of the shift to the more isometric 3D look.

    I think one of the really appealing things about the original’s art style was that it looked kind of rough and hand-drawn. The screenshot above definitely still looks impressive artistically, but it doesn’t give me the same warm and fuzzy feeling that the original does.

    But that’s just my humble opinion. I’m sure whatever you guys choose to do with this game, it will end up being amazing! Good luck on development. 😀

  4. Robin says:

    Ho my god ! A fishbun with legs !!! At last my quest come to an end :D…

    Best of luck with this new project. I so totally love the first ittle dew. Cheers from france, country of many frogs.

  5. Hector says:

    Sounds great! Still waiting for some ittle dew Wii U Mexico release date and info on the european elease date too 🙁

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