Ittle Dew is now completed for the European Wii U eShop! The biggest update is localization, but we have also addressed the two biggest complaints from the NA release: stuttering during saving, and that no sound is coming from the GamePad. We have also made a number of smaller bugfixes and polish overall.

Ittle Dew Wii U EU changelog:

  • Localization for English, Spanish, French, German & Italian
  • Threaded saving – no more stuttering!
  • Audio on the GamePad
  • Bugfixes

We’re currently waiting for age ratings and final approval, and expect to have Ittle Dew in the EU eShop by August – stay tuned for release date. Sadly it doesn’t look like there will be a German release though – the USK rating is quite expensive and it might not even make its money back in Germany.

We also intend to patch the NA version with these changes. Apart from being improved over-all, a Spanish localization also means we can publish it in Mexico! Lastly, we’re also in talks with a publisher in Japan about a Wii U release there – stay tuned for more info!

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30 thoughts on "Ittle Dew: European Wii U release, NA patch, Japan"

  1. Jason says:

    You know, I’m a pretty big fan of this game, originally purchasing the Ouya version, so was very happy to plop the $9.99 on the Wii U version. Yes, I know it’s 2019, and yes, I know that the sequel was released for the Switch, which I already own, but the fact that after all of that passed time the patch for the US version was never released, this is beyond sad. I know copies of the game sold, so you it’s just bad business to sell a broken game to loyal customers, even this late in the game. I’m a late adopter of the Wii U, but was still looking forward to playing this game. Why not finally release the patch? I’m sure many gamers, myself included, would love a fully functioning, bug free version of a game so well made with so much replay value, it’s still not too late. As we say here, better late than never? Can we please get that patch that was promised almost five years ago? Hell, audio out of the Wii Gamepad even would be nice because this game sounds tremendous when it’s going. Please?!!

  2. Fonzman says:

    Did you patch out the “literal” heart icons from all versions? I remember they where present in the English steam version, but now they are not to be found anywhere.

  3. Sub says:

    Really wish this patch would come out in NA so that I can play this on the gamepad with audio. I bought this at full price 2 years ago and have not been able to play it yet due to this issue.

  4. Huguinho says:

    Still waiting for Ittle Dew here in Mexico…

  5. Tim says:

    I just bought this game and found out there is no sound from the game pad so I looked this up and realized this was 2 years old so it looks like NA got screwed. Definitely won’t be getting the sequel if the devs don’t care enough to patch something so major.

  6. Georgepross says:

    Any idea on a more refined date yet? It’s 4 months past the expect release date, and the game will probably be swamped by the bigger games sooner or later…
    Also please don’t make it more that Β£12.99 as that’s pretty unfair for those of us who have been waiting so long to buy it.

  7. Hector says:

    Still waiting for the ittle dew release here in Mexico…
    The mexican CLUB NINTENDO magazine reviewed ittle dew, but it’s not even available in the mexican eShop!! Please release it alredy πŸ™

  8. gappvembe says:

    Still waiting on the patch…. Any ideas when it will be available!

  9. gappvembe says:

    I hope the NA patch comes soon. I’d like to play this before I get other games.

  10. Hector says:

    Yeah! I’m glad to hear something πŸ™‚ looking forward to play ittle dew here in Mexico!

  11. Daniel Remar says:

    Sorry for the silence, we tend to forget we have a homepage to look after! We haven’t received a date from Nintendo yet, so we don’t really know either. We’ll let you know when the date is confirmed.

  12. reallyjoel says:

    Sorry guys! I know you’re excited and we’re really close now! Stay tuned just a while longer.

  13. Justin says:

    Come on! We are halfway into september and no news?? It was supposed to release like 3 weeks ago!

  14. Sub says:

    No NA Wii U update yet?

  15. Georgepross says:

    We are now way into September and haven’t heard anything else about a release date, and this was clearly wrong, sadly πŸ™ I’m really looking forward to playing this game but the UK/Europe release has been delayed for 9 months now πŸ™ I really hope it isn’t going to be over Β£7

  16. shani says:

    @lol: That’s a very ignorant proposition!
    So I have to switch my profile everytime just for this little game, only because of its developers being to frightful about releasing it on a probably big market? I don’t think so.

  17. Lol says:

    If you are from Germany just make yourself a Uk or At Account. πŸ™‚

  18. shani says:

    While I don’t think that this will be necessary, you could even try a crowdfunding campaign to get the 300€…

  19. shani says:

    Since you already released it on German steam, you only need a “Statement procedure with participation of the reduced Classification Committee”, which only costs 300€ “for content identical versions of already rated titles (platform conversion)”.

    300€ aren’t that expensive. You could even sell the game for 10€ instead and would only need 30 people who buy it to compensate for the USK costs. You can’t argue with not enough people buying it when there are hundreds of thousand Wii U users in Germany and I’m sure lots of them would buy it with the right advertisement in the eShop. So I still don’t get why you’re afraid of the little extra cost for the USK. Sure, we Gamers don’t like the USK either, but why do we have to suffer because of that?

  20. Hector says:

    You guys are real nice, you are going to publsh Ittle Dew in Mexico with a Spanish Translation, most developers don’t care about anything else but english and then just publish their games in Mexico with english-only. Thanks alot again Ludosity πŸ™‚ i really apreciate your work, i’ll be sure to pick up ittle dew when it releases here in Mexico!

  21. gappvembe says:

    Any idea when the NA patch will be available (a ballpark would be fine). I downloaded already and the no sound out if the GamePad is preventing me from starting the game right now.

  22. reallyjoel says:

    Shani, we’re literally not allowed to release it in Germany on the Nintendo eShop without a USK rating. These are expensive to get. If we fork out for something like that, we want to be sure we’ll make the money back, and we’re just not.

  23. shani says:

    That’s really sad. Since I read the review on Nintendolife, i repeatedly looked up Ittle Dew in the eShop on my Wii U, but couldn’t find it, while I could access the eShop-Site on my PC. I always thought this was a mistake, but now I’m very disappointed for waiting.
    This game already was released on steam and I can buy it there as a German customer. So If you managed to get it on German steam, why not get it on German Wii U’s, too?
    You can’t be serious by telling us that the game “might not even make its money back in Germany” on the Wii U, but it does so on Steam? Come on, this is a Zelda-inspired-game, so what better audience than thousands of Nintendo gamers is there? Do you really think steam users would appreciate this game more than Wii U users?

    Honestly, I’m very disappointed. I was thinking about buying the game on steam because I got tired of waiting, though I restrained myself because I want to play it on the Wii U gamepad. Now you’re telling me that’s not possible because you simply don’t want to? That’s really weak. For that, I won’t considering buying the game on steam anymore.

    BTW: I don’t even want a German localization, I’d prefer to play the game in English, as I always do. I just want the game on my Wii U, but that doesn’t seem to be possible without profile switching. But I don’t want to use two seperate profiles because one little video games developer is just too scared to put his game on the German market with a shallow excuse.

  24. As an keen games fan, I just wanted to pop you
    a brief word or two to say thank you for placing this nice
    piecxe up.

  25. Justin says:

    Great to hear about Japan! Sorry to hear about Germany, though. Any ETA on the North America patch? And maybe are sales looking good enough to port another game over to the console, maybe please?

  26. D-e-f- says:

    You know, I really appreciate the ridiculousness of those insane USK fees but come on, skipping the second biggest market in Europe next to France seems insane. This really sours me. I don’t want to split up my purchases into a real and a “fake” account from another country. You really believe you can’t make those €1,2k back?

    This feels really shitty, I must say. It’s bad enough when us Europeans have to wait months after games come out in the US and everybody talks about them and now all of Europe will be talking about them and Germany is still left out?

    Really not okay with this. I hope you reconsider…

  27. MATT81DE says:

    A pity, Ittle Dew won`t make it`s way to the german eShop πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    But I will play it anyway. I have a second User Account with an austrian Network ID on my Wii U and it`s no problem to buy it through the austrian eShop πŸ˜‰


  28. Anna says:

    No release in Germany? After waiting for so long? I really looked forward to the game. What a pity. πŸ™
    Kind regards,
    a german gamer

  29. Paddyhat says:

    That’s really sad news… I was looking forward for the release of Ittle Dew, since the first announcement and now this? Why localize it in German and not release it in Germany?
    What a waste of ressources… An USK rating costs 1200€, so if u sell it for 10€, u would need like 120 sales from one of the biggest markets in Europe to break even… Doesn’t sound too unlikely to me…
    Thanks for nothing Ludosity

  30. Hector says:

    That’s awesome news for all Europe!
    And YAY!!! i live in Mexico and have been waiting so long for this game to come out here, i will stay tuned!!!
    Thank you for these awesome news Ludosity, thank you so much πŸ™‚

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