Ittle Dew out now on mobile

Ittle Dew just launched on AppStore and Google Play!

Grab them here:

AppStore –

Google Play –

Hope you like ’em! =)

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Hey guys great game, ittledew, but like so many others, (Galaxy S3) everytime I go into the store in the game the game full resets. Thoughts? Is it perhaps that the Galaxy S3 is just to old and crusty?! Although this is NOT a very intensive game. Version 1.3 btw

David Armstrong

Having same issue as AG. This is on a Samsung galaxy S3.

Fletch Hasues

Ittle Dew on my iphone 4 with latest (iOS 7+) stays on Ludosity page for an extended period of time the freezes on the loading page. I paid for this app today but have been unable to load and play.


Hi, just bought the game and I can’t play it. It doesn’t load a new game at all. When opening the app, it spends about 5 mins on the ‘Ludosity’ screnn (not an exaggeration) before going to the title screen. Here I can change the language, etc. but if I click on start, it says ‘loading’ forever and never starts. Very annoying. I’m running the latest iOS on iphone 4. If this isn’t fixed in the next few days I’d very much like a refund – nowhere did it say that this wouldn’t play on an iPhone 4.

Morgan Williams

Some monsters, items, and even the character himself come up as black squares. Samsung galaxy s3. Love it other than that, please fix!


Hey there. Loving most of the game so far but I’m getting EXTREME lag whenever there are more than like 2 animated things going on (fires burning, monsters moving, etc) in the room I’m in. It’s so bad that I can’t move nearly fast enough to light the necessary diamonds for any door at once or dodge enemy attacks. I’m on an iPhone 4 running iOS 6


Hi guys
I just bought your game ittle dew (nice pun 🙂 )
And I got through the tutorial cave, but now I’m experiencing crashing everytime I try to get into the captain/junk guys house. I’m using an iPod Touch 4th Gen & I hope you guys can fix this soon because the game looks AWESOME!!!!


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