Mojam was an incredible experience – we made alot of new friends and also managed to create a new game – on time too!

The final build of Space Hunk is available over at and you can still donate for the entire week. Please do, it’s for a very good cause and you get a bunch of cool games!

After the donations are closed we will probably put up the game on our site, or who knows, make a sequel or something!

Also, enjoy some of the fanart (manart) that was made during the jam:


More manart:

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9 thoughts on "Final build of Space Hunk"

  1. Robert says:

    You promised to put it on your site, but I still don’t see it!

  2. reallyjoel says:

    We’re Mac-noobs to be honest – we just build it once, saw that it worked on our machine, and was happy with that. Sorry if it’s not working for you. We’re thinking about putting in on smartphones/tablets though!

  3. Alex says:

    Hi there!

    When I download Space Hunk from my humble bundle-account and try to start it, it says the file is damaged. Am I the only one to experience this problem? I’m using Mac OS X 10.8.3

  4. reallyjoel says:

    Thanks for the heads up, will look into that!

  5. Chuck Lanman says:

    Hi!, GameMaker now exports to ubuntu!..could you please post a port of Spacehunk on our mojam 2 downloads please! Thanks!

  6. Braffolk says:

    Nice game i watched 90% of the making its really fun and i think that manly lady shouldnt be called mark XD

  7. reallyjoel says:

    Thanks for catching that, I fixed the link =)

  8. Edu says:

    Hi!! The link in humbledumble from the “all” versión points to the windows version instead of the
    Very funny to see you develop the game. Thanx!

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