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Healthy Weapon now on Android

September 26th, 2012 by

Ludosity have just published their second game from Regnslöja – Healthy Weapon!

The first proper fighting game on Android that is truly made for touchscreens!

Challenge anyone sitting next to you to a brutal fruit smackdown – Or just play single player in one of four modes: Arcade, Practice, Survival and the frustrating Unfair.

  • Controls with touch devices in mind
  • 2 player versus on the same device
  • 6 charming main characters, 3 more unlockable
  • Even more characters in a special mode…
  • Wield variety of dangerous fruits and vegetables

Check it out here:


Swedish Indie Pack

September 11th, 2012 by

So Bob will be in the Midweek Madness deal on Steam this week, we call it the Swedish Indie Pack. If you like the colors blue and yellow, blond naked women, meatballs (hehe), auroras or tennis you should check this out. Oh, and if you like games. If you like games you should definitely check this out!

Check it out!