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BuniBon available for Android!

Our lead artist Anton (Regnslöja) has been fiddling with a game on his spare time, and it’s now ready for the world!

BuniBon for Android, developed by Regnslöja, published by Ludosity.

The official description:

Simple, cute and hard. This “Bounce ’em up” is bound to frustrate you to no end.

Bounce and grab all the orbs – in ever more challenging levels and super-easy controls.

While constantly bouncing, you must clear ever more frustrating levels in this modest game of the “short-but-difficult-levels-die-100-times-a-minute” variety.

Can’t clear a level? Try another route to progress.

Unlock the final locked level by beating all the bosses. Then try beating all the levels to unlock a little something!

• Simple controls
• Frustrating yet addictive
• Pixel art graphics
• Non linear progression

In Antons own words:

This is my first android game, and is bound to have problems, but so far it’s worked on several platforms (both phone and tablet) I’ve tested. If there’s interest, I’ll add more bonus levels and stuff later I guess.

And yes, I have beaten all the levels.


Battledozer is probably our most graphically polished prototype yet – And that’s because it’s our artist Nils’ little baby. You control a – yes, Battledozer – on a war field and you need to, well, destroy everything.

You do this by attaching different weapons to your battledozer. You have three slots on the dozer itself, but you can also juggle as many weapons as you find, and fire them while they are flying through the air or just laying around strategically placed.

The core of this game is to juggle and attach the right weapon for the right job, using your flippers and the pull mechanic.

OK, so none of this really makes sense. But it’s pretty fun non-the-less.

Play it here!