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Insider Bundle

Check out our insider bundle over at Groupees: !

Pay what you want for Bob Came In Pieces – And get insider access to all things Ittle Dew! Beta access, concept artwork, OST and more. Plus top contributers get to design a room and name a monster in the game!

The deal will last all Christmas!

Merry Happy!

Christian and heathen celebrations of dead people, slaughtered pigs and whatnot are upon us – and we at Ludosity certainly feel the joy aswell! Mostly by not working and wathing TV series at home instead.

Except for Boss-Man, he has to work all. ze. tiiiiime.

Hyper Princess Pitch

Our lead designer Daniel Remar goes home every night, after a hard days work, and relaxes by making his own games. Over the years he’s made Iji, Hero Core, Garden Gnome Carnagem and many others.

Today, December 1st, marks the release of his latest, Hyper Princess Pitch! We’ve been playing it and giving feedback for a while now, but we’re all excited that it’s finally seeing release, and we’ve been competing for highscore all morning now, instead of working =)

Check it out, as all his games it’s completely free, no strings attached. Watch trailer below for all the awesome, then download and play!

Also be sure to visit his donation page if you like the game!