Today we proudly announce the release of Steamworks for Unity on the Unity Asset Store!

It makes integrating Steamworks for your Unity game a breeze. It’s a fully managed .Net C# wrapper – meaning we have gotten rid of all the fuzzing about with C code, DLL’s and getting everything up and running. It will work out of the box, using C# instead of C.

We currently support the following API’s

  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Cloud
  • Stats
More API’s and features will be added free of charge as users request them!
Lastly, in a day or two we will also launch a Free version that fully supports Stats – no nags, no limitations! Completely free!

Check out the Asset Store

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28 thoughts on "Unity + Steam = True"

  1. SaIG says:

    Hey is there also “SteamWallet” or the steam in game purchase available in this wrapper? Didn’t read anything about that

  2. Shkarface says:

    when is the free version going to come out?

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  14. reallyjoel says:

    We will be offering a more general .Net package of this that works for both Unity and XNA through our webpage. It should be up next week!

  15. It should be possible to use the wrapper in any .NET based language. But we can not offer any support if it is used outside of Unity. And it can only be bought from the Asset Store via Unity.
    We are however looking into the possibility of offering a XNA version in some other way.

  16. Borut says:

    How dependent is that wrapper on Unity? Can it be used in a c# game (non unity/XNA) possibly with some slight rework?


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  27. reallyjoel says:

    I can also mention that our own game Bob Came In Pieces has been successfully deployed and approved on the Steam Store, and it is using this wrapper!

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