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From Hoagies to Hearts

October 24th, 2011 by

As can be seen in the latest trailer, we have gone from Hoagies to Hearts as the health-metric for the games heroine.

We don’t try to hide the fact that we’re hugely inspired by the Zelda-series for the development of Ittle Dew, but we do try to take it forward where we can. For example we have carefully decided on 4 items that work extremely well together, so we can get rid of the Item-menu and the item switch mechanic that we feel is cumbersome.

However, when we can’t really improve upon the formula, we don’t. There are a number of areas of design where we went around in circles for days before ending up with a design that’s very similar (if not identical) to how Nintendo solved the same problem back in 1991. This goes for the perspective, doors, some monsters, etc, etc.

We will probably have to defend our Zelda-homage more than once for being a rip-off. But I feel there are way too few good action-adventure games out there – see this as a counter-balance to just another FPS about pending doom in four shades of gray.

Sunday Crunch

October 16th, 2011 by

I guess most of you are aware of the IGF Competition (you know, the one someone from Sweden wins every 2’nd year) – and the deadline for the 2012 submission is tomorrow! We’ll be entering Ittle Dew, so I have stocked up on soda and biscuits here at the Ludosity offices for a nice Sunday Crunch.

Ittle Dew isn’t the only thing we’re crunching today though, we’re also putting the final.reallyfinal.3.test touches (game artist joke) on the 3DS titles aswell, as they are due for master submission early next week. Busy busy!

Ittle Dew – New Gameplay Trailer

October 14th, 2011 by

Showing off some pretty lighting and some new gameplay mechanics. Hope you like it!

Ittle Dew – Epicsode 1 will be released for Christmas 2011!