A nice little gif Daniel put together. Photos were taken once a day for a week.

We do use our whiteboard for useful stuff also. Right now we’re storyboarding our next trailer (which will be done in time for GDC!). I’m trying to keep the “lulz” down to a minimum until the storyboard is done, but it’s kinda hard. Anyways – be cool, stay in school! Don’t do drugs.

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7 thoughts on "Whiteboard animation"

  1. Scarlett says:

    Although it’s an old post the concept and ideas of whiteboard animations are very unique and interesting.

  2. webmotion says:

    Yes, I want a real whiteboard animation just like this!

    As opposed to a “scribed version”

  3. Yin says:

    RIP Frilly Hat Frog, Hype Snake and Shovelware Aquarium 3D, you will be missed

  4. Oops. I proved me wrong. Please wipe the spam off the comments list: I didn’t mean to do that. -.-

  5. By the way, Joel, check your Gravatar settings ’round here: looks like they aren’t displayed at all.

  6. Hideous says:

    Haha, I drew that gangster monkey that appeared on Day 2 on the right.

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