I’ve been dropping the name “Ittle Dew” here and there for the past months, and we’re finally ready for a proper announcement!

Just in time for GDC, we have put together a nice little trailer, check it out!

Hopefully the trailer will show you the gist of the game. Ittle Dew is a fun, warm action adventure game with lots of retro throwbacks, but updated gameplay. The game is still in its early stages, so there are some key features missing from the trailer, hopefully we will be able to show them to you soon also!

As for the “epicsode” thing, we are indeed planning to release the game as episodes, with a nice, bite-sized adventure in each. When you have more than one episode they will tie together and you can travel between them, but they are still independent adventures you can play separately.

Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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27 thoughts on "Announcing ‘Ittle Dew’ – epicsode 1"

  1. reallyjoel says:

    I had to check that Ezreal guy out. There might be some slight remeblance. Main difference of course Ezreal being a dude..

  2. LOLspark says:

    New Dew slighty looks like Ezrael from league of legends.

  3. Mark says:

    What platforms will this be on? I hope it’ll come to the PC and not just xbla because this looks awesome!

  4. Nelon says:

    Will there be a Mac version?

  5. Libremind says:

    What platforms will this be on? Will it on on Linux?

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  7. Looks promising! 🙂

  8. farcodev says:

    it’s a cute and refreshing video, great work ! keep it up !

  9. Iozay says:

    Lets me think about the games where I was a bit younger. I silently hope it will be released on the PC though ^.^

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  12. reallyjoel says:

    As for using Unity – while its a bit cumbersome in some ways when dealing with 2D, it’s well worth it for many other reasons. Main thing being supported platforms. Everything from console to smartphones is supported in Unity. For sprite handling, we use SpriteManager.

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  14. Yin says:

    @LpSamuelm: the original Ittle Dew was made by Daniel and Joel (game designers at Ludosity) as a student project. This game is based on it, but it won’t be the same game. Think of the scrap pack version as a prototype I guess.

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  16. Hanamigi says:

    WOOT that’s awesome!

  17. This looks fantastic!

    I am definitely going to bookmark this website!

    And just curious – The game is 2D right? Sprites,etc. What did you use to get the sprites to work like that within Unity? I always have problems getting sprites to work.


  18. LpSamuelm says:

    Okay, I checked, and it is! How come?

  19. LpSamuelm says:

    Hey, a while back, I downloaded Daniel Remar’s Scrap pack from his site. Isn’t Ittle Dew included in that? I’m pretty sure it is!

  20. This thing screams zelda,
    and that’s the games I like

  21. Theo Hodkin says:

    Looks fantastic! I love the visual style and humour you’ve implemented into the game! It looks to have great character.

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