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Bob nominated for casual game of the year

Dataspelsgalan (literary ‘The computer game banquet’) in Sweden has nominated Bob Came In Pieces for Best Swedish Casual Game! Yay!

And maybe this time they’ll let us in for free too! (2009 when Flipside won they invoiced us later for entrance fees….)

Ludosity will celebrate this nomination by working some more.


Just a quick note – Bob Came In Pieces is now up on Desura!

So far I really like the service. From a developer viewpoint it’s actually been a dream to work with, much smoother than most other services I have worked with. And as far as I can see, that goes for the more “publishy” things too – ie seeing sales reports and referrals etc in a quick and clear manner.

So good job, Desura team!

Do the Hustle!

Seems this goes around alot these days. IP theft that is.

The latest blatant rip-off is Capcoms “MaXplosion” for iOS. It’s so similar to Splosion Man by Twisted Pixel it’s embarrasing. Really embarrasing, Capcom.

Watch below for a comparison of the two games:

Shame on you, Capcom.


All is well in the world again – the poorly cloned version of Garden Gnome Carnage is no longer available on App Store, and justice is victorious once again! Or something like that.

We still haven’t actually received any reply from neither the thief nor Apple. But the app is gone and that’s what’ matters. The little bastard still operates however and is still selling his other stolen games – he has no less than three different Duck Hunt games up, and one of them is Christmas-themed and was released just recently. How Nintendo hasn’t cracked down on this clown is beyond me – maybe I should send them a letter.

Also I’m really, really, really keen on publishing a picture of him here along with his full name (because he really does look like a clown) but I won’t because then he would surely sue us.. and probably win too ^^

Apart from this little snafu things are looking extremely good for us, and 2011 will be even better!

Good ol’ Bob

Just a quick little update from a sunny beach in Sharm el-Sheikh. Bob Came In Pieces has now sold more than 50 000 copies! That’s frickin’ amazing! Many thanks all of you who bought it! If my GF hadn’t gotten me an all-inclusive ticket I’d be using up all of our Bob-revenue in the bar right now. As it is – I’m using my pink little plastic ribbon instead.